Black Barn Garden Club
Christie Purifoy

Black Barn Garden Club

Christie Purifoy

Welcome to Black Barn Garden Club

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I’m Christie Purifoy, author, podcaster, gardener, and all-around placemaker.

I’m an amateur gardener with a heart to “cultivate wonder” with others.

I have gardened in so many different places: windowsills and apartment balconies, community garden plots and suburban backyards. Today, I garden at Maplehurst, a red brick Victorian farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania.

I am experienced, but I am no expert. I am eager to teach and advise, but I am also eager to learn from you.

Do you want to grow deeper roots and cultivate a more peaceful place?

The Black Barn Garden Club helps aspiring gardeners by linking soul care with garden care and providing curated advice that never overwhelms all in the context of supportive community.

Thank you for joining me.

Let’s cultivate wonder together. 

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